The experience at the Italian VET school DI POPPA ROZZI

At di Poppa Rozzi school CREATOR is a project dedicated to curious and virtuous people. It is the curiosity that gave it birth and that led all the actors with motivation and commitment to make it be realized

A project based on Entrepreneurship Education that has represented one of the flagships of our Institute in this school year 2018/2019. The project has been an opportunity for teachers, students and companies of the territory to implement teaching for skills with intensive, motivational and guidance methods. The school carried out the project activities in collaboration with representative partners from the world of work and the territory.

By putting themselves on the line for project, the students have developed all the dimensions of intelligence: cognitive, practical-operational, emotional and social.

Each session of work  had its innovative peculiarities and characteristics which made the students grow by changing their knowledge and their skills ,acquired in formal and non-formal contexts. They started from the phase of study of the concept of entrepreneurship, to the meetings with the “godmother companies”, to the field research and analysis to get the entrepreneurial idea.

Then they realized the prototypes (using 3d printer, lego app, podcasting, and all digital language at their hands..), prepared  the storytelling and introduced and presented their ideas by submitting them to the expert judgment on June 6th, 2019, during the final dissemination event, at the presence of the School headmistress, the teachers and all the students of the Institute, the partner companies and other subjects involved in the project.

On behalf of all the participants, as we have seen from the analysis of the satisfaction questionnaires filled out by all the partners, we can say that all the objectives have been brilliantly achieved, the students have understood that finding each other was a beginning, keeping together progress , work together a success !!! (by Henry Ford)

The greatest surprise has been the real feasibility and implementation for some of them and the availability and commitment of the entrepreneurs to support them in future for the realization.

And this is not over! SAVE THE DATE!
On 27th  September 2019 by the Aula Magna of our Institute there will be a dissemination workshop...
We will therefore invite students from different schools, local authorities and representatives of the world of industry to take part: FUN GUARANTEED!





Croatian workplace training and experiance of "Ekonomska i upravna škola Osijek“

After the training activities in Ljubljana and Rome within the project CREATOR, in „Ekonomska i upravna škola Osijek“ was held training for the teachers form 1st to 4th March, 2019. The education was attended by eight teachers and the education was led by Dejan Goljevački. During the three-day training, teachers were familiar with all methods of work.

Next activity was a workshop for students in same school, led by all eight teachers that previously ended the education. Within the workshop students visited the “Skripta Printing LLC”, where they could see from first hand how entrepreneurship works in practice, how they started their business and where did they get their business idea in the first place.

The education was attended by students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade (altogether 13 students), who shared their own entrepreneurial ideas together. During the workshop, students were familiar with some of the following work methods: Elevator Pitch, Empathy Map, S.C.A.M.P.E.R, Canvas Business Model, Prototype Design, and they actively applied them in their work.

In the end, all feedbacks form students, teachers and entrepreneurs where very positive. They liked this type of workshop where they used new methods of work and in the same time cooperating with each other.


III CREATOR project meeting in Romania 30-31 May 2019


The third and final transnational meeting were hosted by UMFST in Tergu Mures, Romania May 2019. It was a great occasion to share the work done with students at national level about intellectual output n.3 “Compendium of prototypes created in entrepreneurial projects in the scope of workplace entrepreneurship trainings of VET students”. The final Compendium is not ready yet, but from teachers attending the meeting we have seen that students have been working very hard and some very brilliant business ideas are coming to the light.

The meeting was also the proper occasion to talk about the different experiences made by teachers involved in such a long process of teaching entrepreneurship: be trained on a new approach and on practical tools for teaching entrepreneurship; involving local entrepreneurs; supporting students in designing and building their own business ideas (including the final prototypes). It was a moment to reflect on the whole path, to share own experiences and feedback received at local level both by students and other teachers involved, to talk about next steps.













International study visit in Rome – 26-28 November 2018

26-27-28 November 2018 will be recorded as special days for our CREATOR teachers: the “International study visit for VET teachers on workplace learning and cooperation with world of business” took place in Rome (Italy). Teachers from our partners Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna, GEPŠ Piran, Electromureş Technological School of Tirgu Muresis, Di Poppa Rozzi and BHV had an excting learning tour, with the possibility to hand-touch  several best practices focused on entrepreneurship. The programme in a nutshell:

  • Monday 26: lab in Junior Achievement Italy, the biggest Italian training provider on the topic of teaching entrepreneurship. Special focus was dedicated to JA programme “Impresa in Azione” addressed to Italian VET schools. Our participants had the possibility to get knowledge and insights from one of the most innovative entrepreneurship paths in the school field.

  • Tuesday 27 morning: teachers visited Portafuturo, an Italian best practice in terms of training and career guidance services addressed to people looking for a job. Presentations underlined the importance of relationship with companies and the main features of services and events as Recruitment Day, Career Day and Employer Branding.

  • Tuesday 27 afternoon and evening: our teachers were hosted by CIES Onlus, taking part to several activities.From the youth center MaTeMù to the successful social entrepreneurship experiment Altrove – Porte aperte sul mondo: an innovative and inclusive restaurant where people from all over the World have the change to learn and work.

  • Wednesday 28: with the support of association Euphoria, our participants moved to Ostia, visiting the VET school Istituto Tecnico industriale Michael Faraday. Work-based-learning experience, and cooperation and relationship with business companies were the main topics of the presentation. And last but not least, our teachers had a look to FabLab, the on-the-job laboratory of the school were students have the possibility to move their projects into practical experiences.


II CREATOR project meeting in Italy 4-5 June 2018


The second transnational meeting of CREATOR project partners took place in  Teramo, Italy. A two-day meeting hosted by ilmiofuturo and IIS Di Poppa-Rozzi was an opportunity for all partners to reflect what has already been done and to plan next steps and activities. The first day was especially important since local trainings for teachers and entrepreneurial workshops for students were a main hot topic.

We were happy to see CREATOR national teams highly motivated and engaged for preparation and implementation of these trainings and workshops. We set a goal to train and encourage entrepreneurial mindsets of at least 60 VET teachers and 120 VET students.

And don’t worry, we are happy to share our know-how and experiences. Handbook for experiential teaching of entrepreneurship will also be available online, so the knowledge how to teach entrepreneurship in VET schools will be available to everyone interested in building capacity of young people to start their own entrepreneurial path or at least be more proactive and open for different opportunities.


We have also started to discuss the following project activities:

  • international study visit for VET teachers on workplace learning and cooperation with the world of business (planned in Italy in November 2018);

  • compendium of prototypes created by VET students in the scope of their entrepreneurial workshops and projects;

  • evidence based study of effects of experiential teaching of entrepreneurship on knowledge and competencies VET teachers and students.


We already look forward also to the multiplier events that will be organised in each country: a great opportunity for local communities and different organisations to combine their efforts in encouraging entrepreneurship in VET schools.


Thanks to the wonderful hosts from IIS Di Poppa-Rozzi school we also enjoyed amazing coffee breaks and lunches (proof in the photos) prepared by their students. A friendly and positive atmosphere encouraged us to spend also afternoons and evenings together, discussing different ideas and challenges we face in personal and professional lives.






















































International “Train the Trainer Event” Ljubljana 10-12 April 2018


Three-day long international training activity named “Experiential teaching of entrepreneurship in VET schools” took place in Ljubljana from 10 to 12 April 2018. The training, held by Slovenian partner organisation STEP Institute, was organised for VET teachers and trainers coming from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Croatia.

The course was designed and implemented in a way that enabled participants to experience the methodology first hand, to better understand different exercises and tools, and at the same time learn how to pass the knowledge and develop entrepreneurial skills of their students in vocational schools. Participants got the chance to develop their ideas based on the business model canvas and design thinking methodology, to work in the field and get the taste of experiential teaching of entrepreneurship.

Training was highly interactive in its nature, participants were encouraged to be active, to make mistakes, to brainstorm, cooperate and explore different ideas and possibilities. Engaged and eager participants and their trainer created a positive, relaxed and motivating atmosphere, based on mentor relationship and constant two-way communication process. What made the training even more interesting and also fun were interactive games, work in groups and pairs, presentations and elevator pitches, case studies, different thinking techniques and individual activities.

And since pictures tell more than words, we present the story of the training also with photos.







































CREATOR Kick-off meeting, Unna (Germany) 30 November - 1 December 2017

On 30 November/1 December 2017 the kick-off meeting took place in Unna (DE). The lead partner Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna host the meeting, welcoming all other partners in its school building with  warm breakfast. Then partners introduced themselves and the project’s work started officially according the planned agenda: main presentation of the project, intellectual outputs to implement, tasks and roles of partners, project management, impacts and dissemination, planning of next steps. Two-days kick-off meeting was a priceless opportunity to better know each other, reinforce the partnership and the willing to successful implement the project, and clarify of potential doubt.